YEAR: 2011

To design and implement a new application site for USPS gopost®  in sync with a test launch of gopost units in Northern VA in 2012. The main purpose of the app is to get new users registered for and informed about USPS gopost.

UX/UI designer, front-end developer at Optimo-IT

We began designing and developing this site before® rolled out their new look & feel in the fall of 2011. To give the user a smooth transition between USPS applications, we needed to adapt gopost® brand within the USPS brand rapidly.

Another challenge was working as a UX team of one and front-end developer at the same time while rapidly prototyping the application within short sprints. In addition, working with the CSS and JS (Dojo) frameworks from® was very complex, and since Postal adheres to Section 508, I had to ensure that this site was 508 compliant.