Year: 2018
Role:  Innovator, designer
Status:  In progress


App: moochie
Year: 2015
Role:  Product owner, designer
Status: prototype only


Moochie is an app for calculating what you didn't spend. Most useful for work environments where lunch and free meals are often provided.

I came up with this idea when I wanted to know how much I was saving each month by not paying for lunch or snacks. The concept is to gather as much data about freebies and weigh that against what a person usually spends, on average, to create an overall picture of "savings" that a person can then pay forward to actual savings or donate to a good cause. An added benefit of this app would be for HR to gather location and team data for recruiting and potential employees.

I talked to other colleagues, created user stories, and built an end-to-end V1 application clickthrough. Sadly, I was put on another project before I could build this app from its mockup concept stage.