Product & UX Designer


I'm a problem-solver, innovator, and product designer focused on human-centered design and building great products and experiences. 


With over 15 years of design experience, I've created designs and produced interactive projects for companies and organizations including the Capital One, CFPB, World Bank, US Postal Service, and United Way Worldwide.

My specialties include taking an idea and following it through to a successful execution, interaction & UX design, branding & identity, design thinking, human-centered design, service design, web development, agile development, strategy, innovation, lean startup, and problem solving anything between the customer and IT integration.

Lisa was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand the problem we were trying to solve, and design to help us achieve our solution, getting incremental feedback from the developers and stakeholders rather than working in a vacuum.
— Joe Kueser, Capital One Investing
I was always amazed at Lisa’s ability to switch hit based on the array of requests that came in her queue as the only designer supporting our Pods.
— Cecily Dennis, Capital One Investing
Her manner is professional, amiable, calm, and unflappable. She is truly a joy to work with.
— Cathy Lips, World Bank
Lisa often takes on unfamiliar tasks, and learns whatever is necessary to execute the best possible result for both the business customer and the end user.
— Wendy Newton, Optimo-IT