YEARS: 2014-2015

    TOOLS: Sketch, Balsamiq, Axure, Invision, Flinto, Illustrator, Photoshop

    PROJECTS: Overdraft + Funds Forecast

    CAPITAL ONE Overdraft Design Thinking

    I was the sole designer on a Design Thinking product team that was tasked with tackling the overdraft problem. To understand how to design for a better experience when customers run out of money, we talked to customers through various empathy interviews and defined the problem from many angles. Then as a team, we attempted to come up with solutions. I was able to gain a great depth of understanding into all aspects of overdraft — from the customer standpoint as well as from the banking standpoint and how the current systems worked. 

    Over the course of 4 months, we prototyped and tested prototypes. Then we learned about Service Design from our colleagues at Adaptive Path and learned how to see the big picture for opportunity. From there, I created a user flow, prototyped a few ideas, and then went on to other projects within Capital One where I could lend my overdraft knowledge including Capital One 360 Funds Forecast and an iOS project for pre-authenticated account views. 



    Understanding the problem and how customers felt about overdraft



    a concept in lo-fidelity


    Testing solutions in existing places

    Implementing some ideas into places getting built


    Capital One 'Glance' : pre-authenticated iOS experience 


    The final output of our research and testing was implemented in several places and resulted in a policy update that was rolled out to customers in 2017 : Next Day Grace Period for Overdraft

    See Capital One's current Overdraft Options

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